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a Katapeshi half-orc
Type Humanoid
(human, orc)
CR by class level
Environment any

Source: Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, pg(s). 25

Half-orcs are the inevitable result when orcs clash with other humanoid races. Several orc tribes actively work toward breeding half-orc children for their greater mental capabilities. These half-breeds are despised by most of the world, however, which sees them as the spawn of violence or a filthy perversion.[1]


Half-orcs vary in appearance more than most other races, ranging from more orcish features such as greenish skin and protruding lower tusks to near human with little more to distinguish them as half-orcs than prominent noses, jawlines and brows. Some of the offspring of orcs and human however have dominant human traits making them appear as if they were completely human.[2] Regardless of facial appearance, virtually every half-orc has a stature far larger than that of the average human, and the influence of their orc lineage is almost always visible in their physical size and strength.

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