Haldmeer Grobaras
Titles Lord-Mayor of Magnimar
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Aristocrat 9
Gender Male
Homeland Magnimar, Varisia

Source: The Skinsaw Murders, pg(s). 57

Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras of Magnimar is an arrogant, self-serving man who cares very little for the struggle of the people he rules, as long as he is kept in comfort. One of the most powerful men in the city, Grobaras dwells in the largest house in all of Magnimar, Defiant's Garden in the Vista district. In theory he must share power with the equally bloated Council of Ushers, but in reality he handles much of the immediate running of the city himself. Due to his general lack of interest in city affairs most of his decision are based on which side offers him the largest gift or bribe. Despite his portly appearance and foppish demeanor, Haldmeer Grobaras is a fearsome political opponent with a silver tongue and the wealth to back up his position. While officially the Lord-Mayor has to enforce any mandate passed on from the Council of Ushers, Haldmeer rarely does. He is more interested in seeing that his personal mandates, which do not have to be approved by the council, are enforced. Luckily for all the people of Magnimar, Grobaras's assistant, a man named Valanni Krinst, censors and vetoes many of his superior's more absurd mandates, despite this being a highly illegal act.[1]