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Titles The Whispers Within
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Alchemy
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Creation, Evil, Strength

Haagenti (pronounced hah-GEN-tie)[1] is the demon lord of alchemy and change and is actually one of the more subtle demon lords.


Haagenti's form is much like his favoured practice of alchemy, a mutable and ever-changing thing. On the rare occasions when Haagenti actually interacts with his worshippers, he appears as a member of their race, and as such has a huge number of favoured forms. Rumour has it that his true form is a demonic winged bull, but there is no real proof of this.[2]

Cult & Worshippers[]

Cultists of Haagenti tend to be magic users or alchemists and he serves as the patron of the drow noble house of Parastric. Amongst some there is a theory that Haagenti is the most reasonable and least destructive of the demon lords due to his numerous helpful creations. This is in fact a deliberate ruse; Haagenti is just as evil and destructive as any other demon; that he creates seemingly useful wondrous alchemic devices is just how he influences society - things like alchemist's fire are potent destructive weapons. Haagenti is responsible for the creation of such potent items as the Philosopher's Stone, the demonic Retriever, and the secrets of the drow's fleshwarping magic. Haagenti is said to make his home in the Abyssal realm called Cerebulim, a clockwork labyrinth of endless laboratories.[3]


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