Gray Gardeners
Leader Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Headquarters Litran
Scope National (Galt)
Members The executioners of Galt

The Gray Gardeners are the hooded executioners of Galtan justice and as such, are violent, mob-ruled, and rarely just. During the ever-changing revolutions that have soaked Galt in blood for the last forty years, the Gray Gardeners have remained a constant. They have seen revolutionary leaders rise, and then separated their heads from their bodies scant months later. They are the guardians and maintainers of the final blades, the guillotines which are the most feared symbols of Galtan justice. The reason they have remained a constant in Galt is their anonymity - all members of the Gray Gardeners wear gray silk veils to protect their identities. Several different Revolutionary Councils have demanded that they reveal themselves, but the Gray Gardeners realize that anonymity is their best protection from the bloody justice of mob rule. The Gray Gardeners are based in the city of Litran where the presence of their imposing monastery actually serves as a stabilizing presence, keeping away the roaming mobs that plague the rest of Galt. Despite this stability, Litran is not a welcoming place, as the Gray Gardeners are not friendly towards outsiders.[1]