Type Undead
CR 11
Environment Any

Source: The Sixfold Trial, pg(s). 84-85

A graveknight is a powerful undead warrior. Analogous in some ways to a lich, a graveknight's spirit lingers in its armor, and a graveknight whose armor survives will rejuvenate in a matter of days. [1]


A graveknight appears as a monstrous suit of profane armor covering a desiccated corpse. These creatures bear the same weapons and garb as in life, but twisted by the profane reanimation. [1]

Behavior & EcologyEdit

Graveknights are undead creatures that rise from fallen warlords, and wicked fighters. They are tyrants and leaders of the unliving, gaining the innate ability to bring both nonintelligent and intelligent undead under their command. They can unleash destructive blasts of energy and summon unholy mounts to bear them in combat. [1]