The Grand Campaign was a conflict between Taldor and Qadira that lasted 524 years, from the Qadiri invasion in 4079 AR to the settlement of an uneasy peace in 4603 AR. The Grand Campaign began in 4079 AR while Taldor was suffering from internal rebellion and upheaval in the distant province of Cheliax and Andoran (this would eventually lead to the Even-Tongued Conquest), with much of the Taldan army was deployed to help keep the regions pacified. So much of the army was busy quieting dissent that the Taldan heartland was left unprotected, Qadira was quick to exploit this weakness. In 4079 AR the armies of Qadira marched into Taldor crossing their southern border virtually unopposed. Within a very short period of time Qadira had claimed most of southern Taldor, there armies only being stopped by the natural barrier of the River Porthmos within spitting distance of the capital of Oppara. This rapid progress terrified Taldor's ruling elite who withdrew all but a token force from the frontier provinces to defend Oppara and Taldor. The next 524 years saw constant conflict with Qadira as Taldor sought to reclaim what it had lost, the Grand Campaign finally ceased in 4603 AR with Taldor having pushed it southern borders back to where they are today.[1]