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Artwork by Daniel Lewis
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Goblin
Class Druid 4
Gender Male
Homeland Varisia
Died 4707 AR

Source: Burnt Offerings, pg(s). 35-36

Gogmurt is a goblin hero of the Thistletop goblins tribe. A trusted adviser to Warchief Ripnugget and spiritual leader for the tribe for many years, Gogmurt is one of the most powerful goblins in western Varisia. He could often be found in the Nettlewood spending time with his animal companion, a fire pelt named Tangletooth. In 4707 AR, the goblin druid came into minor conflict with Ripnugget over how to handle the tribe's aligning with the "longshanks" who united the goblin tribes to destroy Sandpoint, wishing to maintain his position as adviser which was taken by Nualia Tobyn. Remaining true to the tribe nonetheless, Gogmurt died defending the Nettlewood from the invasion of heroes he suspected would come after the initial raid on the town.[1]