Ancient Osirion was ruled by a succession of pharoahs who were revered as gods by the population. Eventually the rule of divine kings faltered, and Osirion descended into an age of barbarism. [1]

On at least one occasion, there was more than one God-King. For example, there were once four joint rulers known as the Pharaohs of Ascension. [2]

One theory states that Ulunat, an early spawn of Rovagug, was defeated by a group of powerful people who each had the status of god-king, and that they then claimed the beast's territory as their domain, thereby setting the original boundaries of Ancient Osirion.[3] The existence of a powerful group of heroes would explain how Ulunat was defeated, but goes against the accepted view that Osirion was established by a prophet of Nethys called Azghaad[4]