In the four year span beginning in 4697 AR[1][2], hobgoblin commanders led hundreds of goblin tribes as they emerged from forests such as Isger's Chitterwood.[3] A series of wars resulted, from Varisia to Taldor, as humanity struggled against the goblinoids who spread across the surface world, attacking and eating everything in their path.[4] The organization of the hobgoblins made these goblin tribes particularly dangerous. Untold number of travelers and merchants died along the Conerica Straits, and whole towns were destroyed as far from the Chitterwood as the Five Kings Mountains. A small order of Hellknights from Cheliax, a contingent of Druma’s Mercenary League, and a regiment of Eagle Knights of Andoran combined forces to fight the goblin hordes. These wars are known for their number of dead on all sides of the field.[3]

Aftermath Edit

Much of the Chitterwood was burned to the ground after the war, causing any gobliniod survivors to hide in caverns below the forests.[3] Notable tribes among these survivors are the True Hoard, the Spine Threshers, and the People of the Stirge.[5]

The quality of life the Eagle Knights found the residents of Darkmoon Vale living in as they passed through caused them to expand the outpost of Adamas into a fully-fledged fortress.[4]

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