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Type Humanoid
CR by character class
Environment temperate forest and plains (usually coastal regions

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 156


A Goblin is a short, emaciated-seeming humanoid, roughly the size of a halfling, and tend to be around three feet tall, with large, flat heads and long ears. Their skin tends to be leathery and grey, often wrinkled and covered in tiny scars, warts, and scabs. Goblins grow little if any hair, relying on their thick skin and huddling together in groups to keep warm. They have small, beady red eyes set close together over a little pug nose, above a hideously wide mouth lined with sharp little teeth. Goblins often dress in rags and scraps cast off by other humanoids and bear coarsely cobbled together equipment.

Many humans and similar races find it hard to distinguish between male and female goblins, though they do possess the appropriate organs. Excessive weight is considered a sign of beauty among female goblins, with their great hero of goblin sexuality being an obese female barghest.

Goblins in Golarion[]

Goblins raid the town of Sandpoint

There are numerous pockets of concentrated goblin populations throughout the world. This list is by no means complete, but provides some insight into these creatures and how they live amongst the rest of Golarion's inhabitants. Goblins have a strong presence in the wild land of Varisia and a number of tribes call its western regions home. Of the five local tribes, the strongest are the Thistletop goblins, who take their name from their off-shore base of operations in the ruins of Thistletop. Lesser tribes in the area include the Birdcruncher goblins, Licktoad goblins, Mosswood goblins, and the Seven Tooth goblins.[1]

Goblins are one of the few races with low enough standards to use the Dogslicer as a weapon - worse still, they may have invented it. They also use the Horsechopper.

Goblin mythology states that the race was created by accident by the four Goblin Hero-Gods, who gave the loyalty of their new creation to Lamashtu in return for their own realm in the Abyss.


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