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Type Humanoid
CR Varies by class
Environment aquatic

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 19

The gillmen, also known as the Low Azlanti, are residents of the Inner Sea.[1] They are believed to see Absalom as a natural ally, since they are the only other remnant of Azlanti culture.[1]

Escadar is the only terrestrial city with an embassy of the Low Azlanti, housed in the House of the Cresting Wave, locally known as Wet-House.[1] The gillmen offer information on the sea, meet with officials from the Low Council and Absalom, train the hippocampus trainers who then train the Sea Cavalry, and (it is rumored) travel through an underground river to the ocean.[1] The gillmen are often seen worshipping at the Azlanti ruins at the town's center, or partaking in Escadar's many warrens of vice.[1]