The Giant's Steps is the name given to a pair of fresh water lakes that straddle the old overland trade routes between Osirion and Katapesh. It is called the Giant's Step as the lakes resemble the footprints of some ancient giant, with the western lake known as "Right foot" while the eastern is known as "Left foot" as if the giant were walking south east from Osirion towards the Obari Ocean. Local legends specualte on what sort of creature created the lake, either giant or titan. It is the first relief Osirian travellers encounter when they enter the Uwaga Highlands but this has made it a dangerous place as it is known to local bandits. Recently bodies have been found in the lakes and ambushes have become a regular peril but the rulers of the distant capital have shown no interest in solving this problem. Amid rumours of ancient giants and raiding brigands others in the nearby settlements of Bronze Hook and Thricehill also whisper of treasure buried along the lake's shore or even drowned in the lake's depths.[1]


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