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Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Parasites
Worshipers Ugothol
Cleric Alignments
Domains Air, Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Evil
Favored Weapon Spear

Ghlaunder (pronounced GHLAWN-dur)[1] is the demigod of parasites and disease. His symbol is that of a blood-gorged mosquito.[2]


Ghlaunder is an enemy of Desna, accidentally released by her from his cocoon on the Ethereal Plane.[3] Who placed him there is unknown. Some speculate that he was grown in the corpse of a slain god, while others believe him to be the corrupted scion of another evil deity.[4]


Ghlaunder is depicted as a giant, monstrous mosquito, who visits Golarion to feed on the heart blood of his faith's truly devout.[2]

A Priest's Role[]

The Gossamer King's followers often pose as clerics of other deities in order to infiltrate small communities. Rather than destroy them outright, the faithful of Ghlaunder seek to spread corruption from within and subtly move the unknowing towards the worship of their god. Rather than cause such a group's downfall, the priests wish to subtly live off them as long as possible. If their true purpose is ever exposed, they seek to justify their existence in the natural order, arguing that infections and parasites help cull the weak from the herd.[2]

Others travel the world, planting sicknesses, or exploring strange, monstrous lairs in the hopes of discovering new diseases and spreading them around Avistan and Garund. Devoted druids and rangers often form special bonds with vermin of all kinds, making it easier for them to affect the creatures with their magics.[5][6]

His priests have recently learned of a form of monstrous cockroach found in Casmaron and eastern Avistan known as the Keleshite venomroach. They collect these mildly-poisonous vermin, and release them to plague small communities, seeing it as a furtherance of their god's infectious will.[7]

Cults of Ghlaunder[]

A small cult of the Gossamer King's is said to reside outside the Korvosan town of Veldraine, hiding in an ancient Thassilonian ruin. There they breed a race of poisonous stirges, waiting to release them against those who do not follow their god.[8]


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