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Type Outsider
(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
CR 9
Environment Hell, Ramlock's Hallow, any desert

Source: J4: The Pact Stone Pyramid, pg(s). 30-31

Ghalshoatan are a type of Devil most commonly associated with the rolling deserts of Osirion. They are known for both their physical power and their ability to utilise hideous curses. There have been several Osirion pharaohs who are known to have kept ghalshoatans as minions.


Ghalshoatans tower above the average human and have muscular humanoid bodies. Their head resembles that of an enormous crocodile with eyes that glint with intelligence like jewels in the light of a fire. Behind their massive crocodilian head is a wide hood like that of a king cobra. Instead of normal arms Ghalshoatans have scorpion like chitinous claws, they also have a scorpion like tale tipped with a poisonous stinger. Most of this monstrous creature is covered in reptilian scales and what isn't covered in scales is protected by insect like carapace.[1]

Habitat & Society[]

Despite being devils and as such denizens of Hell Ghalshoatans are most commonly associated with Osirion. There have been several evil pharaohs who have used Ghalshoatan as ferocious minions. Ghalshoatans are also frequently mentioned in Osirian folklore with tale about the devils ability to change shape and place horrible curses upon people. Ghalshoatans are solitary devils and like all devils they enjoy bartering for mortal souls.[1]


Master of the Curse 
Ghalshoatans curse are more potent than normal curses.
Ghalshoatans can enter the minds of others and show them visions of their own death.
River of Life 
Due to their bonds with the deserts of Osirion water from the River Sphinx burns Ghalshoatan like holy water and submerging them in the River Sphinx destroys them completely.
Summon Devil 
Ghalshoatans can summon other devils. Either eryines that look like bat winged Osirion women or bezekira that appear as semi transparent crocodiles rather than cats.[1]