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Titles The Serpent
Alignment Lawful evil
Portfolio Snakes
Cleric Alignments
Domains Evil, Law, Strength, Water
Favored Weapon Heavy flail

The archdevil Geryon (pronounced JER-ee-ehn)[1] is the master of swampy Stygia, Hell's fifth layer.[2]

Physical Description: A titan of living blasphemy, Geryon rises taller than any other archfiend, a mountain of bestial muscle and chimerical features. From the waist down undulate the coils of a tremendous python, their envenomed scales capable of crushing legions within their lethal embrace. Above, the archfiend’s body splits in three, the torsos of a trio of indomitable warriors rising forth, each wielding a deadly infernal weapon, an archaic shield, or the Horn of Lies, the instrument by which Geryon spreads new heresies throughout the multiverse. Although often shielded by elaborate helms, at least one of Geryon’s heads always remains unarmored, revealing his angular, snake-like features, reptilian eyes, and maw of venomous fangs.

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