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A genie is an outsider native to one of the elemental planes, and often composed primarily of elemental material. The three best known races of genies are djinn (of elemental air), efreet (of elemental fire), and janni (composed of all four elements, and native to the Material Plane). Less well known are the genies of elemental water (marids) and of elemental earth (shaitan).[1]

Beyond Avistan[]

Genies often have much more interaction with the human inhabitants of Golarion who live in southern Casmaron. The Padishah Empire of Kelesh binds them for all manner of purposes, and the master genie binder Sulesh the Great was a Keleshite. Likewise, the great maharajah Khiben-Sald bound a veritable army of marids to his will. [2]


Many genies can grant wishes to those who bind them, best them, or earn from them a favor. However, it is widely held that one must be very wary of the wording used in such a wish. When dealing with geniekin, the saying "be careful what you wished for" takes on a life and death meaning.[3]