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Alignment Lawful evil
Capital Mechitar
Ruler Geb
Government Undead dictatorship
This is an article on the nation of Geb. For information on the person of the same name, see Geb (person).

The Kingdom of Geb began as a colony of Ancient Osirion[1], and takes it name from the exiled Osirani necromancer Geb who became the land’s ruler. Geb plunged the land into war with neighbouring Nex, ruled by the archmage of the same name. Powerful magics were used by both sides, and many thousands of Gebbites died in the magical crossfire. Geb responded by animating casualties into a legion of walking dead. The war with Nex is long over, but Geb retains its undead heritage. Society is divided into three castes. The quick (the living, apart from thralls), the dead (intelligent undead), and chattel (living thralls and mindless undead). The quick and the dead are treated equally; the chattel have no rights. Those who die in Geb are usually reanimated as undead. The city of Graydirge is built out of the bones of those who were unwilling or unable. [2]


Warm winds from the Obari Ocean creates lush grassland in Geb, allowing crops to prosper. [3] The fields are mainly worked by mindless undead, and foodstuffs is Geb’s major export. They trade food to Nex in return for rare components and luxury goods. [4] They also trade food to Alkenstar, in return for the city state’s ice wine, which is a favourite of Geb’s nobility. [5]






The necromancer Geb, now a ghost, remains the head of state. He rarely manifests before the people, so the acting ruler is the lich Arazni, Harlot Queen of Geb. The country’s day-to-day affairs are managed by the Blood Lords, an aristocracy of powerful living and undead necromancers. The chief Blood Lord is the vampire Kemnebi, who holds the office of chancellor.[6]


It includes a variety of giant gecko known as the glitterscale.[7]



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