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The Garundi (pronounced gah-ROON-dee)[1] people are the most numerous inhabitants of the continent of Garund but have spread throughout most of the known world. Garundi organise themselves into clans of around twenty families. Within these clans their is a strict hierarchy which is hard to decipher for outsiders as they are not a part of it. There is also a hierarchy between clans and customs that dictate their interaction.


The Garundi boast dark skin, sharp cheekbones, broad shoulders and premature bright white hair. They normally favour colorful clothes that are practical and beautiful regardless of how far from Garund they are. Garundi in far off lands try to incorporate traditional clothing into their outfits. Since temperatures can vary so much they tend to dress in layers to make it easier to adapt their clothing as appropriate.[2]


The Garundi people are thought to have originated in the south of Garund and migrated north although no one knows when exactly this migration occurred. It was certainly in some past ancient time as Garundi are responsible for several ancient civilizations including ancient Osirion, Jiskta and the Tekritanin League. Since then their history has been no less illustrious. They are the founders and main inhabitants of nations like Thuvia, Rahadoum and the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar. The Garundi have also migrated throughout southern Avistan. The massed waves of emigration from Garundi have now been over for centuries and now the Garundi people can be found across the face of Avistan.[2]


The Garundi are renowned as a friendly and helpful people whose culture is based around the clan. A clan consists of between fifteen and twenty families. Within the clan there is a complex hierarchy, rarely well understood by those outside of it. There is also a complex hierarchy amongst different clans that inhabit the same area. There are old customs covering how clans treat each other when they meet. Due to the migratory nature of Garundi clans, this is quite a common occurrence. Any clan entering another clan's area are treated as honored guests for the first month of their stay. After that the new clan must either move on or pay heavy tribute to the dominant clan of the community. If the new clan can continue paying this tribute for an entire year then they are accepted into the community at the lowest social level.[2]


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