Garund (pronounced gah-ROOND)[1] is a Golarian continent located south of Avistan, across the Inner Sea, and west of Casmaron, separated by the Obari Ocean.

At one time, central Garund was the heart of civilisation in the hemisphere. It was a major territory of the cyclopes, who once ruled all of Golarion. Their Empire perished before (or possibly because of) the fall of the Starstone, which created the Inner Sea. Later, the citadels of the Shory flew through the sky, until their kingdom also failed. Now, much of the continent is uncharted and uncivilised, but numerous ancient ruins await bold explorers. [2]

Today, there are also some highly developed nations including Osirion and Katapesh. Despite the civilizations along the outer edges of the landmass, it remains a dangerous and wild place. Whether one is exploring the unmapped jungles of the Mwangi Expanse, traversing the magic-blasted Mana Wastes between Nex and Geb, or braving the permanent hurricane called the Eye of Abendego on the continent's western coast, there are many ways to die throughout Garund.[3]


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As a broad generalisation, the native humans of the north and east tend to be Garundi, or Keleshite, whereas those of the west and interior are of Mwangi stock. There are, of course, exceptions - for example, the Mauxi people are considered to be Mwangi, but they live in Thuvia.[4]


Geographical features have been listed in order of location, starting with the most north easterly and working clockwise.

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The following lands were once nations of Garund, but no longer exist.

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