Type Monstrous humanoid
CR 4
Environment Any
Alignment Chaotic evil

Source: Pathfinder RPG Bestiary, pg(s). 137

Resembling stony statues of winged monsters gargoyles are air borne menaces in both civilised regions and remote wildernesses. They worship the demon lord Xoveron, whose titles include Lord of Gargoyles. [1]


Gargoyles resemble a statue of some hideous, malevolent demon carved of the stone. When not moving they are so unnaturally still that they can pass as statues and it takes a great deal of perception to be able to tell them from normal, inanimate statues. The most interesting part of the gargoyles appearance is that it very slowly shifts over time to adapt to its surroundings allowing it to match the surrounding architectural style.[2] It even does this when in wilderness regions adapting to match the surrounding stone the Ashwing gargoyles of the Cinderlands have smooth, wind worn bodies with rippling ashen and brick coloured patterning[3][4] while the gargoyles of the Uwaga Highlands are chalky and pale resembling the Chalk Cliffs they call home.[5]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Gargoyles can dwell anywhere there is open sky and a place to perch, groups or "wings" as they are called tend to dwell in more rugged wilderness areas while lone gargoyles seem to prefer to hide within densely populated cities where there hunting tends to go unnoticed, these are only trends and are not hard and fast rules. Gargoyles tend toward obsessive behaviours with many being collectors, their collections vary hugely from books or weapons to grisly trophies from fallen foes. Some gargoyles prove willing to ally with other creatures but these alliances are fleeting at best with gargoyles proving treacherous and vengeful allies showing terrible wrath at even the smallest imagined slight. In rural areas gargoyles hunt much like any other primitive humanoid tribe but in civilized areas they tend to pick on societies outcasts, beggars, drunk and vagabonds. In built up areas they normally hunt at night which helps conceal them from their victims.[2]

Variant GargoylesEdit

There is an unusual variety of aquatic gargoyle that is an offshoot of the gargoyle species known as kapoacinths. These strange creatures retain the gargoyles fearsome appearance save that they do not swoop through the nights sky but glide through the depths of the sea, their wings useless for flight. Groups of kapoacinths are far more likely to form wings than their land based cousins as they have no interest in the solitary life. Kapoacinths tend to dwell in coastal shallows rather than the dark depths of the open ocean. Though they are an aquatic life form they can survive on land and are happy to shamble out of the water to attack isolated coastal communities.[2]