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Gallery of Evil
U1: Gallery of Evil
Publisher's Product Page
Author(s) Stephen S. Greer
Publisher Paizo Publishing
Price Print: $12.99
PDF: $8.99
Released September 2007
Type Module
Binding Paperback
Pages 32 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-60125-051-3
Rules set D&D 3.5
Series GameMastery Modules U1
Follows Seven Swords of Sin
Precedes Entombed with the Pharaohs
Artwork from Gallery of Evil

Adventure overview[]

Level 8th
Location(s) Absalom
Ivy District
Type Urban

Never before has the great city of Absalom seen an artist rise in fame so quickly, but when his patrons turn up torn to pieces, more than a few begin to wonder if his renditions are a bit too lifelike.