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Freehold of the Rogue Angel
Sphere Demiplane
Alignment None
Description Small realm ruled by unpredictable celestial

The Freehold of the Rogue Angel is a small demiplane littered with the remains of fiends and celestials. It is ruled by a luminous angelic being known as the Forsaken Martyr who is said to have once been the servitor of a potent deity. The creature refuses to reveal its origin, but seems inordinately interested in the moral compass of anyone traveling in its realm. It has been known to provide specific information or items to those who perform seemingly random acts at its request that cover the entire moral spectrum.[1]


The Great Beyond
Inner Sphere

Material PlaneEthereal PlaneShadow PlanePositive Energy PlaneNegative Energy PlaneElemental Plane of AirElemental Plane of WaterElemental Plane of EarthElemental Plane of Fire

Outer Sphere

Astral PlaneBoneyardHeavenNirvanaElysiumAxisThe MaelstromHellAbaddonThe Abyss


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