Freedom Town
Nation Hold of Belkzen

Source: Skeletons of Scarwall, pg(s). 61

Freedom Town is a predominantly human settlement located on the border of the Hold of Belkzen and Lastwall. It sits in fertile farmland due east of the capital of Urgir, north of the Flood Road. It was founded by criminal organization known as the Sharpes Gang in the last decade of the 47th century AR, as they fled north to escape justice in Lastwall. They found rich, tillable land which had been abandoned long ago to the orcs of Belkzen, and decided to set up a base there. Over the past two decades, Freedom Town has grown into a small community of all those needing to evade the law and willing to make a hard life among the dangers of the region. Tribute is regularly paid in food, gold, and persons to the local orcish tribes and the government in Vigil has so far turned a blind eye to the problem, figuring that the hordes of Belkzen will surely alleviate them of this problem soon.[1]