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Admin Request00:01, May 3, 2014Odie5533
CUP vs. CC-BY-SA06:20, May 2, 2014Odie5533
This site's future.21:28, May 7, 2011Aeakett
Half page ad needed19:18, March 15, 2011Aeakett
Tiered NPC levels09:35, February 3, 2011Exlex
Moving?17:37, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
Wikia's new look17:36, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
Achievements17:35, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
Editing contest, prizes, and donations17:32, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
Some question17:30, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
Get yer Twitter on!17:27, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
Translating your job17:27, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
Reorganizing the categories17:27, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
Server Issues17:27, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
OGL and permissions17:26, February 2, 2011Aeakett-bot
New Golariopedia style sheet is unreadable15:35, January 3, 2011David Shepheard
New Chroniclers/Crunchy Articles15:26, January 3, 2011David Shepheard
Apostrophes in article names23:17, October 29, 2010Amethal2
From Shore to Sea Apocrypha20:12, October 20, 2010Yoda8myhead
Spell Index19:16, September 22, 2010Brandingopportunity
Chelish Crux07:47, September 18, 2010Brandingopportunity
Pathfinder Web Tool18:04, September 10, 2010Yoda8myhead
Maps16:42, August 31, 2010Aeakett
Hyperlinking web fiction19:38, August 7, 2010Brandingopportunity
Player's Portal?20:11, July 14, 2010Goblin Witchlord
Links to other websites15:33, July 13, 2010Brandingopportunity
Categorizing spells and magic items21:51, July 8, 2010Goblin Witchlord
Hippo quandary19:24, June 24, 2010K012957
New City Stats20:48, June 20, 2010Yoda8myhead
The difficulty of web fiction00:58, June 5, 2010Yoda8myhead
Information request23:43, June 2, 2010Brandingopportunity
Awards - A Proposal06:00, May 29, 2010Yoda8myhead
Ad-free wiki01:54, May 29, 2010Aeakett
Year stubs01:48, May 9, 2010Brandingopportunity
Sunken Empires canon?00:34, May 9, 2010Brandingopportunity
Categories for modules?21:59, April 28, 2010Yoda8myhead
How to keep momentum?21:05, April 24, 2010Yoda8myhead
Twitter on home page?16:56, April 15, 2010Yoda8myhead
End of CSII?03:22, March 22, 2010Brandingopportunity
Bestiary vs. Pathfinder Bestiary19:05, March 14, 2010Brandingopportunity
Family pages04:18, March 14, 2010Yoda8myhead
Revising policies00:26, March 2, 2010Aeakett
Pictures of Animals06:05, March 1, 2010Yoda8myhead
Talk page header template05:44, February 23, 2010Yoda8myhead
PRPG vs PFRPG01:52, February 22, 2010Yoda8myhead
Navboxes23:21, February 18, 2010Yoda8myhead
Citing multiple pages12:55, January 26, 2010Brandingopportunity
Wikia categories02:47, January 23, 2010Yoda8myhead
Sourcebooks edit?23:24, January 4, 2010Yoda8myhead
Testing the function of pathfinder13:52, December 10, 2009Yoda8myhead
Problems with "Create a new article"20:49, November 17, 2009Yoda8myhead
Template for crunch?05:26, November 16, 2009Yoda8myhead
References columns21:10, November 12, 2009Aeakett
Book pages06:16, October 25, 2009Yoda8myhead
Creature descriptions17:00, October 8, 2009Goblin Witchlord
In-world books13:27, September 16, 2009Goblin Witchlord
Hellknight ranks and other in-world glossaries02:55, September 12, 2009Goblin Witchlord
Fan art (links)02:23, September 2, 2009Cpt kirstov
Religion status23:50, August 22, 2009Selven
Trusting soul wanted for mission of mercy05:27, August 14, 2009Cpt kirstov
Monthly Featured Articles19:06, August 8, 2009Yoda8myhead
Main Page redesign06:59, August 5, 2009Yoda8myhead
Using bots17:40, July 31, 2009Heaven's Agent
Community building brainstorm thread15:04, July 30, 2009Aeakett
What's new? section14:25, July 30, 2009Heaven's Agent
Business cards03:22, July 25, 2009Brandingopportunity
Popups23:51, July 24, 2009Heaven's Agent
Pathfinder Database21:48, July 22, 2009Yoda8myhead
Year-in-???05:39, July 10, 2009Yoda8myhead
'other sources' area in articles?17:23, July 7, 2009Yoda8myhead
Book title naming conventions03:08, July 1, 2009Yoda8myhead
FAQ14:24, June 30, 2009Yoda8myhead
New blog feature coming soon00:51, June 30, 2009Brandingopportunity
Pathfinder SRD19:50, June 24, 2009Jreyst
J2 canonical02:53, June 1, 2009Yoda8myhead
RSS Feed?14:45, May 19, 2009Yoda8myhead
Magic item index15:08, April 24, 2009Yoda8myhead
Art19:37, March 25, 2009Yoda8myhead
Help !13:50, March 12, 2009Cpt kirstov
Skin14:19, March 8, 2009Brandingopportunity
Should we keep Pathfinder RPG?17:02, March 4, 2009Cpt kirstov
Product Line name changes01:01, March 4, 2009Yoda8myhead
Sidebar01:00, March 4, 2009Yoda8myhead
Pathfinder Terrain and other licensed products00:48, March 4, 2009Yoda8myhead
End of year article push00:47, March 4, 2009Yoda8myhead
Category:Undead or Undead?00:47, March 4, 2009Yoda8myhead
Policy, help pages and related topics00:46, March 4, 2009Yoda8myhead
Fan created content for Pathfinder Adventure Paths00:46, March 4, 2009Yoda8myhead
A chat transcript00:45, March 4, 2009Yoda8myhead

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