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Titles The Burning Maw, Demon Lord of Fire and Salamanders
Alignment Chaotic evil
Portfolio Fire
Cleric Alignments
Domains Chaos, Evil, Fire, War
Favored Weapon Spear

Flauros (pronounced FLOR-us)[1] is the demon lord of fire and lava and demonic patron of the salamanders.


Flauros appears as a huge serpent-like creature with skin like cooling lava that cracks and bursts, unable to contain the incredible heat within. To further his fearsome appearance, Flauros's head is a frightful maw of demonic teeth that belches out smoke, magma, and flame, and he wields a huge obsidian spear capable of impaling a giant.

Cult & Worshippers[]

Flauros' main followers are salamanders, who share Flauros' serpentine form. Flauros has been at war with Ymeri, Mistress of Fire for countless millennia over the salamanders. Salamanders are elemental creatures, and most elemental creatures worship the elemental lord of their element, yet the evil salamanders have more in common with sadistic Flauros than they do with mercurial Ymeri.[2] Flauros is also worshipped by drow of the noble House Caldrana, who specialise in using the powers of elemental fire to forge weapons of legendary quality.[3] Flauros lords over his domain of the Bloodpyre Fields, a realm of burning seas and constantly erupting volcanoes that seems like a dark reflection of the Plane of Fire.[2]


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