The First Vault is the legendary repository created and protected by the god Abadar. Located in Aktun, in the city of Axis, the Vault is said to house perfect copies of everything that has ever existed, from natural objects to manmade works, and even concepts.[1][2] It is said that, on rare occasions, members of Abadar's faithful have been allowed to visit the Vault in dreams, although this is not documented to have happened in a long time. It is believed that Abadar allows these glimpses into his realm to inspire artists to emulate their perfect forms, and for judges and lawmakers to strive for perfection when designing laws or passing judgement on existing ones.[3]

There is a myth among the faithful of Abadar, namely that the god created the First Vault when he saw early humans storing their most prized possessions in special locations. He found a deep cave with a naturally smooth floor and placed the perfect examples he found there. In order to protect these treasures he crafted a great key, so that even if civilization should fail, those who followed could find these examples to pattern themselves on.[4] The key itself he placed as a constellation in the heavens, so that his followers could always find it there.[5]

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