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Firearms are among the most technologically advanced, and thus rarest, weapons in modern Golarion. Most of these gunpowder projectile weapons are manufactured in the magic-bereft city-state of Alkenstar, where advanced engineering, access to raw materials and necessity have perfected the art over thousands of years. Over ninety percent of all firearms in the world are owned and maintained within Alkenstar itself, but mercenaries, emigrants and highly profitable trade have spread these weapons out throughout throughout the world if one knows where to look for them. In general, guns manufactured in the massive Gunworks are of basic quality, but more artistic gunsmiths and craftsmen populate Alkenstar City and are more than willing to make custom weapons of higher quality or upgrade existing, production-line units.[1]

Types of firearms[]

Schrotpistole MKL1888.png

Examples include the Musket and the Revolver.

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Specific firearms[]

Most firearms are made from the same molds on the production line of the Gunworks, but other weapons are unique and notable in their own right, whether for their sheer size or a specific quality or function.

Built for Taldor's Fifth Army of Exploration in 2009 AR, this massive bombard is the world's largest weapon.[2]
Great Maw of Rovagug 
Built for the nation's own defense in 4450 AR, this bombard stands guard over Alkenstar, built into the side of the Hellfallen Cliffs.[3][4]