Nation Katapesh
Size town
Population 2,000
Ruler Wexlis Bean

Source: Dark Markets: A Guide to Katapesh, pg(s). 14-15

Near the center of Katapesh, the small gnome city of Finderplain provides temporary home for travelers exploring the area.[1]

Finderplain has stood 300 years as a waypoint for gnomes traveling south of the Inner Sea.[2] It holds almost 2,000 residents, but the constant influx and departure means that the number could change completely every few years. Families rarely establish permanent homes in Finderplain; the lure of adventure and desert beckons, and the gnomes move on, leaving their houses empty for the next travelers. The transitory nature of the gnomes means that no individual consistently rules over Finderplain. The current ruler is a gnome bard named Wexlis Bean.[3]


Cities of Katapesh


Minor Settlements

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