Titles The Guiding Hand
Alignment Chaotic good
Portfolio Art
Cleric Alignments
Domains Air, Chaos, Community, Creation, Good,
Favored Weapon quarterstaff

Findeladlara is the elven goddess of art and architecture. She is a goddess who believes in preserving tradition and prefers innovation rather than creating something entirely new. While Findeladlara is a good goddess she often comes off as aloof, particularly to younger, non-elven races. She is known to judge their work harshly and never answers the prayers of a non-elf. When shown in art, she appears as a beautiful elven woman in traditional elven dress. She is normally depicted standing beneath an archway of either mithral or branches whilst being illuminated by the setting sun.[1] Her Holy symbol is a hand pointing upward suspending a golden star or flame. [2]

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