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Fighters are the pinnacle of martial combat. Where mages learn to defeat their foes by wielding the powers arcane, and others through the grace of their deity, the fighter survives through strength of arms alone. In Golarion, the life of a fighter is the primary recourse of a would-be adventurer. No study is needed, no blessings to be imparted–all one needs is a sword and the will to excel and become better.

Unlike the Warrior, the fighter is more than just someone familiar with the arts of war. They are beyond the ken of simple sword-wielding soldiers, often (but not always) having attended military academies or private schools, such as those in Brevoy. They are tougher, more skilled, and better prepared to face their foe. Their experience or training makes them excellent commanders on the battlefield and in the garrison. Although the military life is a suitable one, available in all nations of the world, it is not the only one afforded a fighter, nor is it always the most elegant. A fighter might be a mercenary, gang-member, or simply an adventurer.[1]


Fighters journey forth from all nations. The larger nations, such as Andoran, have renowned standing armies and guards. Even the less civilized areas and cultures produce excellent fighters, though often in accompaniment to other warrior classes. Fighters from private companies might be a member of the Hellknights of Cheliax and Varisia, the Pure Legion in Rahadoum.[1]


All races and manner of beings might enter into the fighter class. Its elegant simplicity fits into any culture that relies upon martial warfare for survival. Humans, being brave and versatile, are more naturally predisposed to the adventuresome life that fighters lead.


Fighters are not necessarily fiercely religious, though some might be. A life of war tends to blunt one's view of religion. Those that do worship tend to favor Gorum above all others, but some other popular deities are those that protect or aid warriors in battle, or that promote adventuring, such as Cayden Cailean (bravery), Iomedae (valor), and Torag (strategy). Members of the Hellknights more than likely worship Asmodeus.


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