The Field of Concord is the spiritual heart of Almas, the capital city of the nation of Andoran. Once a Chelaxian parade ground, this wide, cobbled avenue now serves as the center of life in the capital.[1][2]

Appearance Edit

The Field of Concord is a long, cobbled avenue lined with numerous statues and gardens. Much of the area is sectioned into interconnecting marketplaces, at the center of which stands the Golden Aerie. The west end of the Field is dominated by the palace of the People's Council, while its eastern end is home to the spires of the Golden Cathedral.[1][2]

Services Edit

The Field of Concord serves as the home of the People's Council, and it is within their palace that the Council's members convene for meetings. The Golden Aerie acts as the headquarters of Andoran's Eagle Knights, as well as the residence of the organization's leader, General Reginald Cormoth. The primary role of the Golden Cathedral is that of a library; within are preserved the tenets and collected writings that act as the foundation for Andoran's Common Rule.[1][2]

The central avenue of the Field of Concord acts as a large marketplace, and plays host to several events throughout the year.[1]

Events Edit

Great Andoran Fair 
The Great Andoran Fair is held on the Field of Concord during the 27 days of the month of Sarenith. This annual gathering of merchants from across Golarion is usually well-attended, and the taxes gathered during the event are substantial.[1]
Duty-free market 
The first Toilday of every month is duty-free; merchants on the Field of Concord are not required to charge taxes on purchases made during these monthly events.[1]
Ritual salutation 
During times of good weather, any day that the People's Council is scheduled to convene begins with a ritual salutation. This event takes place before the Golden Cathedral, and is led by the Supreme Elect and members of Andoran's political parties.[1]

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