The Fatman's Feedbag is one of the most noisome and troubling taverns in the town of Sandpoint. Located along the community's southern docks, the Feedbag is known for regular brawls and the resulting visits by the town's sheriff, Belor Hemlock.[1]

Services Edit

The Feedbag is a favorite watering hole for numerous Varisians and sailors that are offered a less than stellar welcome at similar establishments in Sandpoint. It's also a common stomping grounds for individuals working in the employ of the local Sczarni.[1]

Notable Individuals Edit

Known for playing host to a less than desirable clientèle, many citizens of Sandpoint avoid the Feedbag and its patrons. Exceptions to this common wisdom include Jubrayl Vhiski, one of the establishment's few regulars, and the town's sheriff, though the latter often responds to quell the fights that commonly plague the location rather than partake in its offerings.[1]

Gressel Tenniwar Edit
This large man is the operator of the Fatman's Feedbag, and can often be found running the establishment.[1]

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