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Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path

The Fangs of Kazavon were a remnant of the mighty blue dragon Kazavon. After his defeat in 4058 AR, the dragon was dismembered by the hero Mandraivus and his allies to keep him from reforming. They correctly assumed that although the dragon was dead, each of his body parts would contain a dangerous remnant of his evil spirit. The fangs were taken by the Shoanti shaman Coja Eyes-Aflame back to his homeland of Varisia, where he traveled among the seven quahs seeking guidance. He asked the oldest wise-men of the tribes and consulted with their totem spirits to discover the best way in which to secure the fangs. Coja Eyes-Aflame was eventually led to the Grand Mastaba, an ancient Thassilonian pyramid sacred to his people. After pledging his life to keeping the fangs secure, he entered the pyramid and was never heard from again. Knowing that that Grand Mastaba held a great evil, the Shoanti Sklar-Quah tribe guarded the site for hundreds of years, until the coming of the Chelaxian forces.[1]

In 4407 AR, a Chelaxian expeditionary force defeated and drove off the Shoanti around the Grand Mastaba, founding the settlement of Fort Korvosa. As the town grew, none of the immigrant inhabitants had the smallest inkling as to the profound evil in their midst, going so far as to build a castle on the flattened top of the great Grand Mastaba itself.[2]