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Titles Blood Mother
The Bleeding Stone
The Earth Seer
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Birth
Cleric Alignments
Domains Community, Death, Earth, Knowledge, Plant
Favored Weapon stone dagger

Fandarra is a neutral deity worshipped primarily by stone giants, although she is often followed by the primitive humanoid races of the north.


A contemporary of Erastil, Fandarra stayed rooted in the old traditions and never embraced civilisation. Her worship entails great sacrifices, and at times of great suffering the sacrifice of a worshipper may be necessary.


Fandarra is typically depicted as a bald female stone giant wearing a crown of leaves and a dress of red mammoth fur. Usually, she holds a haunch of meat in one hand and a stone tablet in the other. When her vengeful aspect is emphasized, she wears a necklace of knives or arrowheads. When depicted as a fertility goddess, she is pregnant, or holds twin giants in her arms.

Worshippers & Clergy[]

Most of Fandarra's priests are clerics and druids. She grants her champions magical bear and mammoth guardians.[1][2]


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