Falcons Hollow Map

Falcon's Hollow Map

The majority of the locations in Falcon's Hollow play some role in the operations of the Lumber Consortium, or at the very least are owned by the Consortium and its personnel. However, several of these sites hold particular historical significance to the area or are of importance to several members of the town's citizenry.[1]

Notable Locations Edit

In a town like Falcon's Hollow there are few places of interest. Despite this, notable locations include the Hollow Tribunal, the Lumber Consortium Headquarters, and a small Temple of Iomedae.[1]

Hollow Tribunal Edit

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The Hollow Tribunal is the primary government building in the area, run by the halfling Vamros Harg, Magistrate of Falcon's Hollow. Providing the community with general public services, as well as presiding over disputes and prosecutions, Harg is known to be controlled by agents of the Lumber Consortium; his decisions are often made in support of the Consortium's men and operations.[1]

Lumber Consortium Headquarters Edit

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This run-down building opens onto the High Market, and has seen better days; once one of the town's more impressive structures, Thuldrin Kreed has been diverting funds to better his personal home and the Headquarters has suffered as a result. It usually remains vacant unless Kreed decides an official setting is warranted.[1]

Temple of Iomedae Edit

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Lady Cirthana sees little support from the inhabitants of Falcon's Hollow, and her Temple and actions have been openly denounced by the Lumber Consortium. Despite this, she does what she can to serve those few who turn to Iomedae for guidance in life.[1]

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