Eternity’s Doorstep: Perhaps the Void’s greatest enigma, the object known as Eternity’s Doorstep looms out of the depths as a planet-sized sphere of perfectly smooth black glass. Though information about it is mostly confined to ominous legends, the object very much exists, suspended in the darkness and seemingly immune to the omnipresent onslaught of the plane’s entropic hunger. Not a single defect or f law marks the mirror-smooth exterior except for inscriptions that repeat, in thousands of languages, the same damning refrain: “What you think of as life is a great deception. The faithful have already been claimed, taken, and saved. You are ours.” Tales speak of the object as a “soul trap” whose gravity well attracts ghosts, shadows, and all manner of undead that bear original mortal souls, ultimately siphoning away and entrapping their spiritual cores, leaving behind either nothing or simply empty material shells, the Void quickly reducing the latter to dust and ashes. Apocryphal tales speak of intelligent undead screaming in horror as they sink into the sphere’s surface, madly trying to escape the grasp of an indistinct legion of shapes and shadows clouding the surface from the inside, before finally vanishing from sight.