Erages is a small fishing community located on the shore of Lake Encarthan in the Elven nation of Kyonin. Erages is composed almost entirely of half-elves where they live in virtual exile from the rest of the Elven populace in Kyonin.

As well as fishing, Erages sometimes allows smugglers to enter the town. Although the Kyonin authorities suspect this, they tend to turn a blind eye to smuggling activity.

The village itself is constructed among the ruined stone towers of a far older Elven settlement. Many of these crumbling towers have been scavenged for building materials. Entrances beneath these ruins suggest that underground passages connect the towers to one another, but after several explorers were lost beneath the ground most of the populace came to the conclusion that the tunnels were best left undisturbed.[1] Rumours speak of a growing disaffection among the community with the traditionalist Elven nobility.[2]