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Elves of Golarion
Elves of Golalrion
Publisher's Product Page
Author(s) Hal Maclean & Jeff Quick
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price Print: $9.99
PDF: $6.99
Released October 2008
Type Accessory
Binding Paperback
Pages 32 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-60125-143-5
Series Pathfinder Companion
Follows Second Darkness
Precedes Osirion: Land of Pharaohs
Artwork from Elves of Golarion

Elves have been a part of the world for as long as anyone can remember. Caretakers of the natural world, warriors against the tide of savagery, and scholars of the deepest secrets of magic, elves are among Golarion’s most mystical and mysterious races. This book presents the definitive word on how elves live, fight, worship, and relate with other races. The information contained herein presents a wealth of information about the elven race, with new rules, details on making elven characters, and an extensive exploration of their society, history, and goals as a people, from the seat of elven power in Kyonin, to the mysterious boatmen of the Mordant Spire, to the secrets of the Sovyrian Stone. Even if you aren’t playing an elf, this booklet contains new spells, magic items, and character options perfect for any character. Also included are details of Kyonin's ruler, Queen Telandia, the art of alchemical archery, sacred pacts with elven gods, a plethora of magical meals, and a new prestige class.

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