Region Mwangi Expanse
Size Small town
Population 1,100
Demographics 1,090 spriggans, 10 other
Government Council
Alignment Chaotic evil

Source: Heart of the Jungle, pg(s). 31-33

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The city of Elokolobha is carved out of a massive limestone formation to the east of the Screaming Jungle in the Mwangi Expanse. Its inhabitants are the Eloko, a foul race more widely known as spriggans.

Eloko leaders carve their deeds into the walls of the city, only for later leaders to replace them with their own works. The city itself is filthy, and its buildings are poorly made and often perch in precarious positions. However, the grand chambers within the limestone crags do not appear to have been made by spriggans.

The numerous tribes of Eloko survive by raiding outsiders, and each other. At present the four strongest tribes – the Carrionwalkers, the Fleshstalkers, the Ironbell and the Graveborn – maintain an uneasy balance of power. However, the political situation can change very quickly in such a chaotic society.[1]