Elemental Knight
Race/Species Brass Golem
Homeland Plane of Fire

Source: The Last Wish, pg(s). 85

A strange wander the Elemental Knight wanders the planes exploring wherever he pleases. The Elemental Knight was once an elder fire elemental called Kesssh who, for his own mysterious reason allowed himself to bound into the body of a powerful brass golem. After the end of his service to his creator Kesssh decided to explore the planes using his resilient new form to explore place he simply could not have gone before. The Elemental Knight also serves as a mercenary of sorts, fighting for those who can provide him with rare and magical scrolls to immolate. While his price is steep the Elemental Knight's mere presence has turned the tide of many battles and when his presence is not enough he is devastatingly effective with his huge Sword of the Planes.[1]