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For years, Elara’s Halfway House took

in the itinerant children of Falcon’s Hollow

and offered shelter to the numerous

war orphans left in the wake of a recent

conflict with nearby goblin kingdoms. A

few months ago the orphanage burned

to the ground in a mysterious fire. Every

child and the headmistress perished in the

tragic blaze, their only epitaph a charred

husk of sooty timbers.

lore Edit

DC 10: “Elara was a selfless woman who

spent the greater part of her life caring

for those no one else wanted. The fire was

a horrible tragedy.”

DC 15: “The fire started out of nowhere

and spread so fast, by the time the town’s

volunteer brigade arrived all that was left

was a smoking ruin, every child dead, and

Elara burnt to cinders. Hard to believe a

blaze that fierce could start as an accident.

I was always a’feard for the safety of

that place. Elara built her halfway house

far away from town and much too close

to that haunted vale.”

DC 20: “The last few months or so

before the fire people claimed to hear all

manner of clatter from the orphanage at

night. Screams they say. Terrible screams.

Some even claimed Elara lost her mind,

took to torturing the children in the dead

of night. That’s why she built the place

outside of town.”