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Erinyes Queen.jpg
Titles The Erinyes Queen
Alignment Lawful evil
Portfolio Battle
Cleric Alignments
Domains Destruction, Evil, Law, War
Favored Weapon longbow

One of the infamous whore queens, Eiseth has ascended as far as a female devil can in the hierarchy of Hell. Eiseth is said to be the first fallen celestial, and is sometimes called an angel in Hell. Much like her daughters, the erinyes, she maintains the appearance of an angelic being, with beautiful features and black, feathered wings. Eiseth's beauty is the exact opposite of her angelic (former) brethren, however; as terrifying and intimidating as an angel's face is calm and comforting. Eiseth bears an extreme hatred for everything divine, and often leads raiding parties into the upper realms, attacking Elysium, Nirvana, and even Heaven itself. Dark whispers of Eiseth's origin may explain this endless hatred. The oldest legends of the multiverse claim that Eiseth was once an empyreal lord who embodied righteous wrath, much like Ragathiel. Whatever caused Eiseth's fall from grace must be responsible for her boundless hatred.[1] Now Eiseth resides within Hell's largest metropolis, the Infernal City of Dis, in a foul palace called Widow's Cry. This damned fortress is covered in brass and iron blades from which hang the impaled bodies of history's greatest chauvinists.[2]


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