An effigy of the favored servant is a magical statuette first constructed thousands of years ago in the Thassilonian realm of sloth, Haruka. About the size of an adult human thumb, the figurine resembles a marble, toga-wearing slave. When the correct command word is spoken, the statuette animates and grows to the size and strength of a hill giant. The manikin will obey all mental commands of the person who spoke the command word, but is wholly without personality. The effigy, however, has a second, much more sinister purpose. When placed next to a dying creature, it has a chance of harvesting the creature's soul and storing it within the statuette. If the process is successful, the effigy will take on the personality of the deceased creature, while still being under the complete control of the user. The effigy does not retain any of the deceased creature's abilities or skills and it will prevent any form of resurrection unless the effigy is destroyed. Only one soul can be trapped within an effigy at a time.[1]


The effigy radiates transmutation and necromancy magics.[2]