Edasseril (pronounced eh-DASS-ur-ill)[1], the Realm of Envy, was one of the seven nations which formed the ancient empire of Thassilon. The land of Edasseril was rich in resources like timber, gem stones and iron, it was also filled rich in animal resource with herds of wild aurochs and horses roaming the country, Edasseril even had a decent supply of giants to enslave. The land did have its problems however, from Edasseril's verdant forests came a constant stream of raiders, varying from wild elves to ettercaps and even hulking ettins. At the time of it's fall, it was ruled by Runelord Belimarius, who maintained her capital at Xin-Edasseril. While Xin-Edasseril boasted the enormous architecture of Thassilion it was riddled with problems, it was a low lying city prone to floods and devastating plagues that the ancient priests of Desna where unable to prevent even with their healing magic.[2]