Eagle Knights of Andoran
Eagle Knight
Type Military
Leader General Reginald Cormoth
Alignment Lawful good
Headquarters Golden Aerie, Almas
Goals Defeating slavery
Scope National
Structure Military hierarchy
Members Soldiers, paladins, ex-adventurers

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 190-191

Formed in 4600 AR by permission of King Cullaim II,[1] the Eagle Knights of Andoran are an organization sworn to protect their homeland, and to destroy slavery and those who profit from it. Often working as moles inside slaving organizations, the Eagle Knights, while well intentioned, are as insidious as many of the more evil organizations in Golarion.[2]

In addition to their more clandestine operations, the Eagle Knights also maintain a visible presence in many Andoran communities, such as Augustana.

Structure Edit

Executive power over the Eagle Knights of Andoran lies in the hands 30 Consuls, members of the nation's elected People's Council. The organization itself is organized in a militaristic hierarchy with General Reginald Cormoth serving as the Knights' commander for a decade. A Consul himself, Cormoth serves as the hand behind the Eagle Knights’ operations within Andoran and as an elite adjunct to the standard Andoren military and its foreign and covert activities, with each of these areas’ operational management delegated to his three under-marshals.[3][4]

The Eagle Knights of Andoran have three distinct branches with different operational areas of responsibilities:

Golden Legion
The Golden Legion is controlled by General Hedrik Traxxus and operates along side the nation's military. The Golden Legion act as elite adjunct units to the nation's military, doubling as field commanders and trainers depending on need. The Golden Legion's primary role is to guard Andoran’s borders and its interior trade routes and keep a watchful eye on the nation’s wilder regions.[4]
Steel Falcons
The Steel Falcons are controlled by General Andira Marusek. The Steel Falcons are not bound to serve as defenders of Andoran proper and act beyond the state's borders to spread the Andoren philosophy.[4]
Twilight Talons
The Twilight Talons are headed by Marshal Henela Trellis, though this knowledge is not publicly known due to the clandestine nature of the organization. The Twilight Talons operate outside the government's acknowledgment of their existence and serve as the Knight's spies, saboteurs, deep cover agents and assassins.[4]


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