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Type Outsider
(chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)
CR 2
Environment Any (Abyss)

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 60

The lowest rank of demon Dretch are at the bottom of the demonic pecking order, what they lack in strength, ability and intelligence they make up for in numbers.


A dretch looks like a small, overly fat, very ugly humanoid. Dretches are short creatures, not even as tall as a dwarf, reaching only four feet in height but their fat bulges from their frames making them appear larger than many other creature of a similar height. They weigh a surprising hundred and eighty pounds, about as much as an average human weighs. Despite their bloated appearance they move with surprising agility and speed.[1]

Habitat & Ecology[]

Dretch are the most numerous kind of demon with a single damned soul being able to spawn dozens and dozens of the horrid creatures, as such they can be found on almost every layer of the Abyss. They are also relatively common on the Material Plane as they are the easiest demon to summon and are easy to bully and cajole. They can often be bound for long periods of time with little incentive, just the opportunity to vent their boundless rage on weaker creatures can be enough. In the Abyss dretches are lucky to survive and are normally forced to live in the parts of the abyss no other demon wants. When free on the material plane dretches also tend to dwell in the most undesirable places like sewers or swampland. More intelligent dretch sometimes aspire to more than their meagre status allow becoming pauper-kings amongst their own kind, their kingdoms consist of stretches of abandoned sewer, their subjects even weaker, more wretched dretches, vermin or mindless undead. Dretches are the lowest of the low in the abyss, while just as vicious, hateful and cruel as any other demon they lack the necessary strength to take out their frustrations and so become victims. When there are no mortals nearby to torment and destroy most demons settle tormenting dretches, as such few dretches are lucky enough to survive to evolve in to greater demonic forms.[1]