Dream spider
Type Vermin
CR 1/2
Environment Tropical forests
Any urban

Source: Pathfinder 7: Edge of Anarchy, pg(s). 82-83

Dream spiders are both highly prized and feared for their hallucination-inducing venom. Due to the toxin's role in the creation of the drug shiver, these vermin have been transported far beyond their native habitat and can be found in many populated areas.[1][2]

Appearance Edit

Dream spiders are usually the size of a small child, and can be identified by a blue and yellow stripped pattern on their abdomen. They nest in dark, out of the way locations; dream spider webs can be identified by the iridescent properties of the strands.[1]

Abilities Edit

Dream spiders possess many of the abilities of monstrous spiders of similar size, and are both timid and quick to flee if seriously threatened.[1]

Dream Web Edit
Though it serves the same general purpose as those of most spiders, the web of a dream spider possesses an additional ability making it extremely potent; contact with such a web can result in the hallucinogenic effect for which the creature is known.[1]

Ecology Edit

It is said by the native peoples of the Mwangi Expanse that dream spiders are the descendants of Jalkara Kal, the Prince of Dreams, and the effects of their venom have not gone unnoticed by visitors to the region; though usually illegal, trade in dream spiders is often very profitable. As a result, these creatures have spread throughout Golarion.[1][2]

Dream spiders that escape captivity seem to readily adapt to an urban environment, resulting in the appearance of wild dream spider populations well outside their natural habitat. They nest near books whenever possible, and many libraries are infested by the vermin.[2]

Variant Dream Spiders Edit

Though the blue and yellow dream spider is the easiest to catch, it is not the only variety to inhabit Golarion's jungles.[2]

Deatheye Dancer Edit
These black and purple spiders are known for their powerful bite and unique venom, which causes its victims to break into spasms in addition to experiencing the normal hallucinations.[2]
Nightmare Spiders Edit
Significantly larger than their more common cousins, and possessing a much more potent venom to match, these arachnids are recognizable by black and red markings on the abdomen.[2]

References Edit

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