The Dominions of the Black is an obscure reference to places, phenomenon, organizations or possibly even a regencies from a distant part of space. References to the Dominions of the Black were first found in the hieroglyphics of Ancient Osirion.[1] While early references refer to the "Dominions" in the plural, a few more recent references refer to the Dominion of the Black in the singular. The Dominion of the Black has been described as a 'mysterious consortium of emissaries' suggesting that it may in fact act as a lower hierarchical rung that serves the malignant incomprehensible intelligences that rule the aether of the Dark Tapestry, the lightless places between the stars.[2].

The Dominions of the Black and Ancient OsirionEdit

According to Osiriani hieroglyphics, godlike beings may have descended from the Dark Tapestry at some point in Golarion's history. The writings have been interpreted to refer to these beings as having provided "gifts of mind quakes when favor [was] found and obliteration when it [was] not." Mind quakes may or may not actually relate to Ancient Osirion's dramatic rise from barbarism or its recorded spike in cultural and military success, but the link is occasionally postulated by outside Osiriontologists. Such theories are largely dismissed by more responsible academia.[3]

The planet Aucturn, the Stranger, the eleventh and most distant planet in Golarion's solar system, may be Golarion's link to the Dark Tapestry or the mysterious Dominion of the Black of Osiriani legend.[4]

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