"Doctor D" is a well known Ustalavan serial killer with a passion for theatrics and puzzles. His form of cultural cleansing has left even the strongest warriors of Ustalav fear the dark city streets for over 100 years.

His victims are murdered through bisection (The cutting of a cadaver into two parts). often he will leave cryptic letters adressing those he believes are following his trail of blood, challenging them to the intricate cat and mouse game that has engaged him for so many years.

Doctor D. is an educated gentle-person who believes in good culture, manners and propriety over all else. Those he finds distastful soon find themselves on the edge of a scalpel.

4588 - The first victim of the notorious murderer
“Dr. D” found bisected in Caliphas. Four more
are found nearby, killed in similarly gruesome
ways, within the following month.