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Divination is one of the eight schools of magic practiced on Golarion today. It deals with the uncovering of mysteries, fortunetelling, and the perceiving of places and people at a distance. Spellcasters who specialize in this form of magic are known as diviners. Due to the mediocre nature of the school of divination, and it's uselessness in combat, most diviners do not become adventureres. Instead, these failed spellcasters are often found in the company of leaders and the military, as their magics allow them to glean information about enemies and discover the presence of spies, assassins, or plots against them.[1] Pharasma, the goddess of fate and prophecy, is the patron of diviners.[2]

With the advent of the Age of Lost Omens over a century ago, the reputation of diviners and soothsayers has been diminished. Primarily because they're usually wrong, which ultimately defeats the purpose of specializing in divination spells. For example, one of the strongest and most-dearly held prophesies held by humans of the Inner Sea region, was that the god Aroden would return in 4606 AR and usher in the Age of Glory. With his death and the breaking of the prophecy, all such long-term prognostications have ceased to come true.[3]

It's safe to say that you're better off playing a conjurer.

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